Pick and Dispatch

Plenum Info Sys automates the picking of the item using barcode technology for speed accuracy, real-time information, and proper dispatch.

The Barcode – Pick and Dispatching Module will now have this happening automatically, the user does not need to go and look for picking slips, they will appear on his screen. The mobility system guides the picker to the correct location to pick the stock.

Scanning of the products will automatically update the ERP system with the verified quantities and an additional process can even be added based on settings to allow for a dispatch confirmation step before the invoice leaves the door.

Key Benefits

  • Get rid of paper work and manual entry.
  • Item properly placed in location wise
  • Barcode scanning eliminates pick errors and mistakes
  • Accurate picking reduces wrong delivery costs, returns costs and minimizes irate customers
  • Frist IN and First Out can be followed Many More


Barcode Printer

Barcode Scanner

Mobile Computer -Android