Upgrade Execution, Performance with Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computer, RFID Products, Label Designing Software, Consumables..
More is anticipated from you consistently, and accordingly, you hope for something else from your technology — more productivity, more exactness, greater solidness. Plenum assist you to perform better with our barcode mobility solutions.
Utilizing many years of experience in the field, we plan each item in view of you. Your everyday errands. Your work conditions. Your pressing factors. Find your presentation edge with scanners, mobile computers, RFID and printers with highlights and structure factors made for you.

RFID Track and Trace Solutions

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is the automation recognition technology that uses wireless communication and not required line of sight. Generally, any system that uses IC tags to control items via wireless communication is RFID. Our RFID products are handheld RFID readers, antennas, printers, and labels and tags.

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Barcode is integral for error-free business operation. Inventory management and track & Trace will be more accurate using barcode technology. Barcode printer is the essential part of the data capturing and management solution. Plenum provides the wide range of barcode printers that suits the application and other business requirements. We offer Zebra Desktop Barcode Printers and Zebra Industrial Printer with Long term Service Support We Serve In Coimbatore,Tirupur,Chennai,Cochin,Thirssur

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Plenum provides a complete range of rugged mobile computers. These units are designed to allow the user to process information on the move, whether they are working in a warehouse or in the floor.
Increase the productivity and efficiency of your process with our dedicated windows and android handheld mobile computer, tablets, and other wearable terminals. Our Mobile computer comes with high security, error-proof smart data, improved voice performance, and durability. Our Android OS makes your gadget very handy.

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Barcode scanning system helps businesses to track information by which they can improve their productivity and work efficiency. We are offering world-class barcode scanners from the top brand of the manufacturing industry. Our barcode scanner fulfills the business requirement efficiently. Browse our handheld barcode scanner as per business requirements.

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Looking for a reliable Retail point-of-sale system in Coimbatore? Simplify your sales process with our top-notch retail point-of-sale systems Streamline your checkout process, improve inventory management, and enhance customer experience with our feature-rich solutions. Our state-of-the-art Point of sale Systems are designed to optimize efficiency and boost your bottom line and Making it quicker and more efficient. With features like barcode scanning,barcode Printing,Bill printing integrated payment processing, and automatic inventory updates, you can process transactions faster and reduce long wait times for your customers.

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Consumable is quite essential for the capturing data system to be successful. Our in-house label experts suggest ribbons and labels should be keeping in mind in the application area and make sure each Barcode is scannable in the fields. Our experts are making sure to provide quality and innovative labels matching the ribbon and deliver it timely.

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