You can ensure maximum equipment uptime for the lowest overall cost
by advanced service support plans.

In the face of limited resources and cost-cutting requirements, many industries are looking for smart methods to avoid expensive repairs and emergency callouts.

Protect your hardware investment with a planned maintenance program. We offer a wide variety of warranty and annual preventive maintenance programs to help alleviate the burden of unexpected failures, avoid frequent downtime and better manage your repair and maintenance budget with more than a decades of experience in the Barcode and RFID field , Plenum is an Authorized Repair partner for Zebra Barcode scanners , Zebra Barcode printers , Zebra Mobilities and RFID.

Advanced Service support Plans give you peace of mind, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Plan-I Warranty Support
  • Plan-II Annual Preventive maintenance contract -Bronze
  • Plan-III Annual Preventive maintenance contract -Silver
  • Plan-III Annual Preventive maintenance contract-Platinum with Zebra One care

Benefits and Features

  • Comprehensive Repairs
  • On Site Repair
  • Quality parts and supplies
  • Platinum zebra one care covers print heads , wear and tear , accidental damage with service length of 3 years and 5 years’ time period
  • Fast turnaround and response times
  • Maximize device and printer’s uptime, business optimization and your return on investment
  • Eliminate unbudgeted repair expenses
  • Enforce operational continuity

Plenum Service Highlights

  • Sensible service Segment with service STEERING TEAM (SST)
  • SST is fully trained by Zebra to Provide Flaw less systemized service
  • Fast turnaround and response times
  • Dedicated engineers for support
  • Faster resolution from Specially trained SST
  • Day to day service follow ups which will identify any potential weaknesses in your system and provide the opportunity to take action to resolve the issues before they lead to a breakdown.
  • Our highly trained and certified service technicians can take care of your entire system, if required.
  • Break down support services
  • Service Back up