Track and Trace of Operational Flow
Mobilize Work Flow


We Plenum Info Sys is a leading solution provider in Barcoding, and RFID automation. We have been offering track & Trace solutions on customer operational workflow by barcode and RFID with a Turn-Key Approach to meet Industrial needs for the past 10 years. We thrive to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of operational processes for the organizations and support them with increased productivity, quality and reducing manual error. We offer perfect solutions based on customer workflows and can provide an effective Barcode/RFID solution that automates your process that results in increased productivity and efficiency and Minimizes Manual Intervention, and helps incomplete tracking of real-time inventory visibility, real-time traceability with 100% accuracy at affordable costs. Plenum Info Sys is completely filled with the technical expertise automation solution providing team structure, who are rich in experience in providing complete support to the barcode, mobility, and RFID solutions from installation to Deployment level. Plenum was established in the year 2011 with a grand vision and mission to be the pioneer in providing more advanced and digital solution providers of Barcoding, RFID, Mobility Solution and Software.

If you are looking to implement the first Barcode and RFID or upgrade an existing one, or replace outdated hardware, Plenum can help. Providing reliable, expert automation solution services tailored to meet their organization’s needs, their trained Sales and Service Support Professionals strive for 100% Customer Service Satisfaction. we have our physical presence in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, and Madurai and operate effectively across Pan India.

We are also involved in the system integration service for mobility solutions or any hardware existence with the ERP like SAP, Oracle, and other customized ERP. We have served numerous clients from various verticals such as Pharma, manufacturing, Garments, Textile’s, Automobiles, pump industries, healthcare, Retails, libraries, and logistics.


  • We are a complete solution company with comprehensive domain knowledge of critical verticals & ERP Integration.
  • We identify our customer’s bottlenecks and offer turnkey Tailor-made solutions that automate their processes, resulting in more efficient operations, improve productivity, get rid of paperwork.
  • Plenum can completely automate the day to day functions of warehouse and stores activities and allow us to keep complete track of details at every stage from raw material, packing materials, work in process, finished goods, to storage and dispatch as a product.
  • Our many years of experience allow us to advise and suggest the most technically complaint-effective solution to the task at hand.
  • Can upgrade your existing system for better efficiency.
  • With our rich technical experience, we can handle all technical complaints and provide an effective Barcoding, RFID and Mobility solution.
  • Plenum Info Sys is significant and offers expert consulting, development, and support solutions to our esteemed customers.
  • We have a dedicated team of field experts, who can perfectly handle all technical difficulties and provide 24×7 easy repair solutions at all stages of the process to our customers.
  • We always have an adequate inventory of Barcode and RFID products and consumables and spares to meet the immediate need of our esteemed customers and maintain an effective delivery rating.
  • We have our physical presence in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, and Madurai and operate effectively across Pan India.
  • We recognize the importance of customer service providing the highest level of service is our priority. We combine expertise in Consulting, Development and support. All this makes the difference between Plenum and other suppliers even greater. It’s a difference in attitude, a difference in value, and this difference makes for a good relationship for you and for us.


Now we are able to system wise the following verticals – Textiles, Manufacturing industries, Pump industries, Automobile, Health care, Pneumatics, Garments, Retail Our mission is to interduce the systems of various industrial and process applications Minimum 6 avenues per year.


We at Plenum seriously thinking over in implementation of Barcode ,RFID integrated solution with IOT for various application to improve the manufacturing ability ,quality of Indian industries to become competitive in the world-quality and quantity wise.


Maintaining the product quality is the key success factor, and we are quite committed and rigid with it. We always try to maintain corporate standards to deliver a quality product to meet client’s business objectives in terms of value that contribute to the growth of the success.


We track & trace of operational flow and Mobilize your Workflow.

  • Barcode – Solution Building Integration Deployment
  • RFID – Solution Building Deployment
  • Work in process monitoring
  • Scan and Pack
  • Pick and Dispatch automation
  • Warehouse management
  • Customized software to Drive solution
  • Implementation program —Turnkey
  • Mobile applications
  • Product identification
  • Finished product labeling
  • Labels and ribbons supplies with competitive price and quality


  • Interaction with the customer – understand needs and bottlenecks
  • Study the available/existing workflow and product management system
  • Select the variations needed for charge addressing all bottleneck introduce a new system – With Workflow
  • Propose Solutions
  • Make a proposal – interact with the customer –modify if needed
  • Implement
  • Provide service back up with spares on time
  • Suggest AMC

On the whole, we are committed to providing our customers with the best-automated solutions and the best printers, scanners, RFID and mobility solutions at very competitive prices.