Barcode Printer Spares

Barcode Printers have been an important component for most of the industrial sector and choosing the right device is inevitable for your printing needs. Any flaw with the printers would affect your productive time and selecting the right device can reduce your hassle and avoid downtime in the Workflow process. Plenum being a service partner of renowned manufacturers Zebra we maintain global standards in all products and original spare parts. It is vital that spares of printers be of good standard to let your device work flawlessly. Plenum provides such spars with Zebra standards that prolong the life of printers.

  • Maintaining inventory of all original spare parts for immediate service support and avoid downtime
  • Plenum is a Zebra authorized repair partner

Barcode printer Printhead – It is the most important part of printers and it is necessary to maintain good quality and high standard. The performance of printers depends mostly on printheads and print quality is based on printheads. Any damage to printheads should be taken care of immediately. We offer Zebra printheads which are tested and manufactured along with printers to maintain quality and standards that extend the life of printers. Individual serial numbers are allocated for each printhead relevant to the print width. With hassle-free installation, Zebra printheads offer you consistent printing performance for a long period of time.

Barcode Printer Platen Roller – It is a vital spare of printers significant to initiate the pressure and drive labels through printers. It is also responsible for clean and robust outputs. Zebra platen roller provided at plenum will assure a smooth printing experience and never let you face any downtime for an extended period. Maintaining a quality printing experience with quality spares has been our prime success factor.

Barcode Printer Motherboards are the brains of printers and indeed it is mandatory for efficient working and long-lasting life. Zebra made printers are top notch products that let you print efficiently and smoothly. Efficient motherboards never let you face any hassle or downtime in your printing works and we offer printers with such quality motherboards. You can count on our printers for a long life and high quantity printing works.

Barcode Printer Media Sensors – The media sensor is an important component of the thermal transfer printer. It senses if a label is in place
The printer uses sensors to detect Marks or Gaps on the media in order to precisely position, align labels, and print content properly the print content

Barcode Printer Ribbon Sensors – The ribbon sensor is an important component of the thermal transfer printer. It senses if a ribbon is in place. This sensor also detects the end of a Ribbon roll by notifying the printer’s internal computer when it has reached the trailer film. Detecting the end of a Thermal transfer ribbon roll before it reaches the thermal printhead is important for protecting the thermal printhead.

Barcode Printer Power Adapter – The correct power supply must be used for Barcode printers and Barcode scanners and Mobile computers. Use of power supplies with incorrect specifications can have effects as mild as erratic behavior, and as severe as burning out the equipment. We offer original power adopters for Barcode Printers and Mobile Computers.

We provide Drive belt ,Toggle bar ,Drive motors,and Ribbin spindle.

Drive belt

Ribbon Spindle

Toggle Bar

Step Motors

Barcode Scanner spares and Mobile computer spares

Batteries – Performance of scanners depend heavily on battery standard and our batteries let devices to work for prolonged periods. We offer original batteries with long lasting life for Barcode scanners and Mobile computer device. Variety of power precision batteries with various capacities available with a plenum that let your device work for the whole day without interruption if charged once. We guide our customers to choose batteries wisely that’s compatible with your device.

RS232 Cable – is used to connect various devices with computers and pass on commands to the connected devices. We offer quality cables that pass on two way communication between devices without interruption and last long for better transmission. We perform quality checks at various levels to make sure that our cable lasts long and never let our customers face any downtime or affect performance time.