Hospital Management Systems

Our healthcare solutions allow you to share real-time information anywhere, inside or outside the facility, for increased patient safety and more attentive care

Plenum info Sys provides an application that allows a nurse with a mobile cart, equipped with a wireless laptop and mobile printer, to greet patients’ as they walk through the doors of the emergency room. The nurse records patients’ information and prints out a wrist band for them to wear, as well as a medical chart that is marked with a barcode. By putting a barcode on the chart in the beginning, other doctors and nurses throughout the hospital can scan that barcode and have instant access to patients’ records.
By connecting to the hospital’s network, the nurse is able to verify the patients’ insurance information, facilitating the triage and admission process in the ER.
After patients are examined, the physician scans the barcode on their chart and enters notes and other pertinent information which is then wirelessly transmitted to a central database where patients’ files are automatically updated.

Patient Discharge

When patients are ready to leave the hospital, scanning technology can be used at bedside, the discharge office, or via mobile cart to record the discharge and transmit billing notification to the main system.

Barcoding can help you with label printing applications (Barcodes and/or RFID chips) in the following areas:

  • Inventory labels
  • Fixed asset labels
  • Patient wristband bracelets
  • Patient charts
  • Lab documents
  • Lab results
  • Test


Wrist Band Printer

Barcode Printer

Barcode Scanner

Mobile Computer - Android